Neko Atsume Cheats - Hack Tool to get unlimited Gold Fish

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  The last addictive mobile game comes from Japan. And this time, the Tamagotchi nation has created an application based on cute cats that gradually infects the players and cat lovers around the world. His name: Neko Atsume and we, from AGCU have just released out ultimate Hack tool for it that will allow you to cheat the system and generate as much Gold Fish as you'd like to! First launched in Japanese in the fall of 2014 the company Hit Point Co. Ltd., Neko Atsume reached worldwide popularity before being translated into English on iOS and Android on 30 October. This small mobile game allows players to attract cats in a garden in their buying food and toys. Whenever the player opens the app, he may have the surprise to discover a new cat in the making claws on a cat tree brand new, can fill his bowl and measure progress in the game by counting the cats his "catbook" sort of Pokedex where each animal has its profile and photo. click here to open the hack engine Neko Atsume only takes a few minutes, but the player's interest to connect several times a day to watch the new cat in his garden, feeding and even photographed. Under excessively cute design hides a frighteningly addictive game. After a few days of use, the one who has taken the game does not turn its smartphone without checking a cat "rare" is not in his garden (there are several, the cat who looks like director Vogue Anna Wintour, the train driver chat via the cook cat). Most fans also share pictures of their pets and tips to choose the objects that will attract new ones. Before the game is translated in English, 40% of the players were already other nations as Japan and deciphering the app with translations published on blogs enthusiasts. But Neko Atsume took another dimension with his English. More than 2 million new players have downloaded the app since October 30, said its creator. 6000 in France. The community began to meow more beautiful on social networks and recruit new players. But the game's creator said still did not understand why Neko Atsume is so popular. TO USE THE CHEAT  TOOL CLICK HERE Hit Point has in any case understood that Neko Atsume has enough fans to make it worthwhile to engage in the trading of derivatives. Soft toys, figurines, stickers, pens ... The cats in the Japanese App would end almost by walking on the beds of Hello Kitty. Google has understood and has also paid tribute to the game by shooting cats for eleven hours in a universe inspired game last September. Nearly 900,000 visitors attended this experience without being under the influence of catnip. While it is clear that Neko Atsume actually purr more than one on the planet. click here to open the hack engine